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Boating Facilities


Boating Facilities-T-RackBoating Facilities - T-Rack45.00
Boating Facilities-Mooring PostBoating Facilities - Mooring Post100.00
Boating Facilities-Pontoon SlipBoating Facilities - Pontoon Slip800.00

Demo Hills offers residents seasonal lake and yearlong lakeside storage options in the form of 12 Pontoon Slips, 10 Mooring Posts, and 68 T-Rack spaces. All residents must register all their boats with the DHCA. The cost of registration is $12 a calendar year. One boat registration is included in the DHCA storage facility prices. All registrants will be assigned a sticker which they must affix to their vessels. The fine for not registering your boat is $25 plus the cost of registration. Note that, for example, if you keep two kayaks in your designated T-Rack space, you must purchase an extra registration for one of them.

For information on boat storage availability and other questions regarding boat storage, please email lizzieb@demohills.com or call the DHCA office at 555-1113