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About Us


Forwardpass & the Demo Hills Sandbox

Demo Hills has been set up as a sandbox/model community that you can use to familiarize yourself with Forwardpass and practice using our comprehensive accounting and property management system. The trial will allow you to customize and or set up additional properties, just as you would if you were using Forwardpass to run your own communities. At the end of the day, the system will erase any inputs or changes you made to the model community so that a "clean slate" is presented to subsequent trial users.

The Demo Hills Community

Demo Hills is a small, planned, waterfront community located just outside the fictitious and amazing city of Demoines, Virginia. Demo Hills is governed by a community association with five elected board members. There is also a finance committee, and an architectural review committee.

The residents enjoy amenities such as proximity to a lake, universal pool membership, trails, bike paths, a picnic park, reduced clubhouse rental rates, and access to a convenient community gym and tennis courts.

The community has an on-site office and owns the following nearby facilities:

  • Outdoor pool with pool house/shower and locker-rooms which is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and professionally run by a pool management company during the season
  • Clubhouse and clubhouse grounds which are rented out by the community for events such as weddings
  • Small community-run coffeeshop and restaurant called La Petite Demoiselle Cafe & Bistro (aka La Petite).
  • Fitness club
  • Storage facility
  • Small boat racks by the lake
  • A small marina
  • A pontoon boat (La Belle Demoiselle) which is rented out with a captain from May 15th to Labor Day.
  • Small boat rentals from May 1st to Labor Day
  • Four commercial locations by the lake complex which are leased by private businesses (country store/florist, photographer/art gallery, real estate office, and a sports equipment shop) A community garden with 20 lots which are rented out to residents on a first-come, first-served basis.

As set up, there are initially 141 residential properties and five commercial properties (hotel with a Mexican restaurant, a small hardware store, a grocery store, a pizzeria, and a gas station) in the model community. Residential assessments are $350 a quarter. Commercial assessments run from $300 to 500 a quarter. The total budget is $xxxx. You are encouraged to adjust the budget, create more properties, customers, vendors, memberships, and make as many changes to the initial configuration as you wish.