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La Petite's Menu

Bag of ChipsBag of Chips1.00
BagelOne bagel served with cream cheese or butter, and/or jam1.75
CroissantLarge freshly baked croissant2.50
Petit CroissantOne small croissant1.75
Slice of QuicheÀ la carte slice of quiche du jour4.50
Tomato SlicesFresh slices of tomato garnished with seasonal herbs2.50
Croque Ma Demoiselle Swiss cheese and honey ham with fried egg on top of whole wheat or white sandwich bread8.50
Croque MonsieurSwiss cheese and ham on whole wheat or white sandwich bread7.00
Oeufs Demoiselle Two eggs any style served with a fresh baguette or fresh croissant7.00
Oeufs Demoiselle JambonTwo eggs any style with ham, served with fresh baguette or fresh croissant8.00
One eggOne à la carte fried or scrambled egg2.50
Petit Déjeuner à l'AnglaiseAn egg, slice of bacon, baked beans, an English muffin or toast, and English tea or coffee11.00
Petit Dejeuner Français A fresh baguette or croissant served with jam, butter, and hot tea or coffee7.00
Quiche du JourSlice of quiche served with seasonal fruit & side of mixed greens or sautéed potatoes9.00
Crêpes Comme Tu Veux Crêpes with choice of Spinach Florentine filling or fresh sautéed seasonal vegetables10.00
Crêpes SucréesButtery sweet crêpes sprinkled with confectioner's sugar and a side of seasonal fruit9.00
Ham and Cheese Crêpes3 buckwheat (gluten-free) crêpes made with honey ham and cheese9.00
Oeufs BenedictTwo poached eggs and Canadian bacon on English muffins topped with hollandaise sauce11.00
Omelette Comme Tu Veux Made to order omelette with choice of three seasonal ingredients, served with your choice of a fresh baguette or croissant and fries or sautéed potatoes10.00
Demi Comme Tu Veux Omelette1/2 size portion of the Comme Tu Veux8.00
Pain Perdu ProvençalFrench toast served with maple syrup and fresh seasonal fruit10.00
Reveillez-Vouz Breakfast Two scrambled eggs with Swiss cheese, a fresh baked croissant, and tomato slices9.00
Trio BenedictThree poached eggs: one with smoked salmon, one with spinach, and one with Canadian bacon on English muffins topped with hollandaise sauce14.00
Salade De FruitsFresh seasonal fruit salad8.00
Sautéed PotatoesFrench style sautéed potatoes3.00
Assiette De Saumon Smoked salmon served with capers, onions, and sliced tomato16.00
Egg Salad Croissant Egg salad croissant served with tomatoes, mayonnaise, parsley, and shallots8.00
Fresh Fish BurgerSeasonal fresh fish patty served with the house remoulade and french fries or mixed greens (8 oz)12.00
French FriesSide of our wonderful french fries3.00
Grilled Lemon ChickenGrilled boneless lemon chicken breast served with french fries or mixed greens11.00
Mixed Green Side SaladSeasonal greens garnished with onions, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers3.50
Moules Marinières Steamed mussels in white wine with onions, shallots, garlic and parsley served with french fries (seasonal)18.00
Soup du JourA bowl of the soup of the day and a crusty bread roll4.50
Spinach DipSpinach dip served with pita chips6.00
Tuna or Chicken Salad Sandwich CroissantServed with french fries or mixed greens10.00
Vegetarian BurgerBlack bean or chick pea burger served with the house remoulade and french fries or mixed greens (8oz)10.00
Café AméricainCup of American style coffee (8 oz)2.00
Café au LaitCoffee made with hot milk and espresso (8 oz)3.20
Un Petit CaféDemitasse of espresso coffee (3 oz)2.00
Hot ChocolateCup of hot chocolate (8 oz)3.20
TeaA seasonal variety of organic herbal and English-style teas to choose from2.00
Cranberry JuiceCup cranberry juice (8 oz)2.00
Iced TeaIced Tea (16 oz.) offered during pool season only2.00
Orange JuiceOrange juice (8 oz)2.00
Almond MilkCup of almond milk (8 oz)2.00
Soy MilkCup of soy milk (8 oz)2.00
Bottled Spring WaterNatural spring water (non-sparkling, 16oz.)1.50
Sparkling Bottled Spring WaterMineral sparkling spring water (16 oz)1.50
Glass of House Red or House White Wine4.25
French Custard Ice CreamArtisan French-style Ice Cream (seasonal flavors)2.50