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Boat Registration

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Demo Hills offers residents a variety of boat storage options. Whether storing your small boat at home, on the lake in front of your home or using the other storage options provided by the DHCA, residents must register all their boats with the DHCA. All registrants will be assigned a sticker which they must affix to their vessels. The cost of registration is $12 a calendar year. Only new residents are eligible for pro-rating. The fine for not registering your boat is $25 plus the cost of registration. Please note that gasoline motors are not allowed on the lake. Swimming in the lake is also prohibited.

As the fish are plentiful and known to bite, Lake Wannabee is also a popular fishing destination. For freshwater fishing license requirements contact the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

For further information on registering boats, please email lizzieb@demohills.com or call the DHCA office at 555-1113